Old Pal Provisions Introduces the Sartorial Guide: Strange Classic Beanie

It’s beanie awhile — we hope you’ve been staying warm. 

Welcome to our first Sartorial Guide. Our bimonthly guide is meant to show off the versatility of Old Pal Provisions with some quick and easy pointers. But mostly show off our super rad community who are always serving LOOKS. 

Here’s what to know about our selection of beanies

It’s woven with super durable acrylic. You’ll run through 2 or more cotton beanies (which is a VERY water intensive crop) before you put a dent in the Strange Classic. Plus, you can throw these babies in the washing machine and it won’t pill with lint.

Pro Tip: Put your washable beanies in a laundry protector bag or old pillowcase before putting them in to wash. This will really ensure they don’t pill up, and will be part of your life for as long as possible. 

Drab Green Strange Classic Beanie 

We love a muted green. But this cozy classic works without a vintage army jacket or something of a similar color. Like our pal Zak Wood who’s rocking it with a white tee shirt of another categorically strange classic, Grateful Dead.

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If you did want to take an analogous slant on the matter, here’s something that could work for everyone. 

Strange Classic Beanie + Cosmovision Long Sleeve tucked into Dickies.

For femmes, we dig the Cropped Cargos in (OG) Olive Green.

Dudes, Skateboarding Double Knee Pants, Olive Green (OG) are highly likely, perhaps even guaranteed, to hold ya down for multiple seasons and seshes. 

Ultimately, go for your favorite cut, fitting, and brand of pants. This whole look is for the busy stoner who’s up to all kinds of things and may need to be able to quickly roll up the sleeves and get shit done!

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Black Cable Knit Strange Classic Beanie 

Black is always the easiest to bring into a fit. And this beanie is particularly easy to throw on before braving the cold. We highly recommend keeping one in your back pocket, tote bag, or car. It will come in handy. 

Make the most out of the adaptability of this piece and mix in something different! 

Beanies have a very grounding effect. If you feel your fit is a little too fancy or you want to add some personality to a professional look, try the Cable Knit Strange Classic on for size. 

It might not work for every business-casual outfit under the sun, but the coziness makes it well worth taking the shot (plus, we bet you can pull it off). 

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Thanks for checking this out! If you have suggestions on what Provisions to cover next hit us up on
Instagram, we love to hear from y’all.