Sartorial Guide: Cosmic Cognition Long Sleeve

And we’re back for some more cozy-wear guides. This time zeroing in on the Cosmic Cognition Long Sleeve. This cosmic cutie is available in Drab Green and Washed Navy.

We suggest a simple classic 70s vibe with Uniform Bridge’s Corduroy Relax Pants. UB makes these bad boys in Beige and Black

If the cold weather has you longing to wear something other than long pants, consider getting in on the chokehold that skirts have over everyone. Perhaps most iconically by Wisdm. 

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We found some pretty cool skirts on Depop and Cider has some iconically funky ones as well. Both Drab Green or Washed Navy long sleeves would pair nicely with the bold pattern clash of Check and Flowers Drawstring Skirt. Or live out your oceanic fantasies with this comfy Lettuce Hem Mermaid Maxi Skirt

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We encourage you to play with shape and length! To add a dark academia vibe, consider pairing it with a pleated skirt and warm tights or thigh-high socks. Alternatively, try a long, fitted floral skirt with striking boots.