Sartorial Guide: Sweater Weather

Hoodies are some of the most beloved and popular choices of clothing. Since we’re in the thick of sweater weather, it seems like a good time to drop some advice on how to refresh a classic fashion staple. 

Lazy Palm Zip-Up Hoodie

Our first recommendation is kinda wild: funky flair pants. You choose how high to dial up the funk – maybe it’s some classic bootcuts that get a little wide at the bottom or full on bell bottoms. 

Check out the unbelievable patchwork on these Wisdom Kaye Jeans! If you’re not ready for full-funk, you can always do a little something on an old pair of jeans. Embroidery, patches, or even drawing directly on them with fabric paint. 

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Let’s be real. It’s a black zip-up hoodie, you’re gonna throw this bad-boy on a lot. Likely with all the other closet staples. Pair it with something spicy for contrast. 

But, we understand if you’re not trying to take a walk on the wild side, and no one but Lou Reed will mind. The recommendations we give for the Clouded Pullover will work just as well for this zip up.

Clouded Pullover Hooded Sweatshirt

Guys, wear the gray sweatpants for HER. 

It’s hard for anyone to look bad in properly fitted gray sweatpants (we like these FrizmWORKS ones a lot). Especially when paired with a proper sneaker. You can lean into a sneaker with a colorway that compliments or matches the sweatshirt, or even keep it muted with gray or white shoes. 

If you have literally zero sneaker game, Crocs + an orange or drab green sock is a fun, audacious substitute. 

Peace Offering Crew Neck Sweater 

This is another closet staple that will find its way into your outfits often. In our experience, the Peace Offering sweater goes well with overalls. It’s giving cozy lumberjack. You can even unbutton the left overall strap to give the Provisional Dove art some extra attention.