A Message from Old Pal

It is time for America to examine our tragic failures. This is exactly where we now stand. Black people have seen the repeated violation of their rights without an urgent and adequate response from American institutions.

Our values from the start have been to act with compassion, honor our communities, and embrace the shared experiences of our humanity, not our differences — and we encourage every person around the world to do the same.

While no one has all the right answers to fix these systemic problems, we recognize that inaction and silence are not the right course. We stand in solidarity with those fighting for justice and equitable treatment of the black community.

As part of our ongoing efforts to actively help empower the most vulnerable among us, 100% of our Legalize Humanity profits starting June 2020 will support an organization within the cannabis space that works to correct the widespread systemic harms resulted from the the war on drugs. Announcement of the organization to come, as we're still vetting potential partners. If you know of an organization doing good work in the space, please email us at info@oldpal.com.

This is the first of many steps we're taking. We will also be using our platform to share causes and resources to help end systemic racism and sharing ways our team is getting involved.