Doing Good

As we patiently wait and admittedly sometimes roll our eyes at the daily political top down instructions on what to do about protecting ourselves and our loved ones, we’re noticing a ton of good being done on the local level. We’re finding that most inspiring and communities of all kinds are extending their reach in many ways not as only gestures of solidarity but acts of hope to keep people positive. Let’s look at some ways people are coming together and getting by with a little help from their friends.


One neighborhood in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, hosted a dinosaur-themed social distancing parade to keep their streets roaring. The Daily Do Good is DoLA’s way of highlighting front-line workers, entrepreneurs and other local heroes who are putting themselves at risk to give back. To lend a hand to those most affected in the LGBTQ+ community the musicians, Tegan and Sara deployed a grant program to get some quick support to keep people working. Also, Variety listed a comprehensive guide to assist those most affected in the music industry.


In response to COVID-19, Feeding America has launched an epic national food- and fund-raising effort to support people facing hunger and the food banks who help them - and many brands have jumped on board to support the cause. Here at Old Pal, we wanted to help our friends at Feeding America, so ALL profits from our Legalize Humanity collection will go to Feeding America’s COVID-19 Response Fund. Snag a gift for yourself or a pal, and let’s all help feed America.


Eater serves up a buffet of information to help the LA service industry. As the dishes go undone for many unemployed restaurant workers, The Lee Initiative is turning eateries across the country into relief centers providing meals to any chefs or workers who have been laid off. Local farms and community supported agriculture is also experiencing a boom as many return to agrarian ideals. Do-it-yourselfers are also digging for sustenance in their own backyards and one Virginia-based organization will help you return to the land by building a raised bed for you. Even if you don’t live there, it’s inspiring enough to help a neighbor at a safe distance.

Try taking a break from the news cycle and look for the helpers in your community. Together we can extend our efforts to bring good to those who need us most.