Higher Sliding with Album Surf

Surfing is one of the purest ways we can connect to the earth’s energy. Coincidently, humans have also evolved to add cannabis to the experience to further enhance our communion with nature and our pursuit of creativity in the wild.

The Old Pal Provisions x Album Surfboards collaboration marries these two ideals in one trippy design seen on three wave tools aptly called ‘The Stoned Totem’ collection. Leading the pack in the three soft top shapes is the ‘Kookapinto’, a 7’11” all-around fun board that beginners can enjoy or seasoned surfers can ride finless buttering their way across the face of a wave.

The 5’7” ‘Presto’ is a swallowtail twinny that works as well in two-foot surf as it does when a swell peaks just overhead. This board is a foam version of Album’s flagship fish that rips down the line until a big cutback sets you up for another race down the face. Measuring only 4’10”, the ‘Seaskate’ is a flickable ripper that seasoned short-boarders will love, especially on steep and deep hollow shore pound with leash free kick outs.

Each shape is adorned with a captivating Old Pal Provisions graphic top sheet celebrating the sun, sea and an artistic take on the cosmic head-changing cannabis plant that Old Pal fans know and love.

“At the time, we were experimenting with cut paper art and mimicking the kaleidoscopic effect you get when you simply fold paper in half, cut a shape, and unfold the paper to reveal a more psychedelic form than you anticipated. There is an inherent discovery in working this way. The forms are inspired by our love for nature and her cycle of energy from sun to soil. The seven leafed central form is an abstract nod to one of nature's many gifts...cannabis,” said Ryan Rhodes from LAND about the design process.

“There's a long history that elaborates on the ways surfing and cannabis go hand in hand, but it doesn't matter whether you’re sharing a smoke or a surf session: you’re taking time to enjoy yourself and to relax. We don’t sell surfboards for the competitive aspect, we do it because we want to have, as often and in as many ways possible, the experience of surfing,” added Mike Townsend from Album surfboards.

All three boards are made to order through the Album website, available for local pickup in San Clemente, CA, and also ready to ship across the US. Share the stoke by buying one for yourself or purchasing one of our other cosmic beachy accessories.