Lifted Spirits

Hi pals. We think it’s safe to say that we all could use some laughs right about now. After all, comedy can lift our spirits in times like these and we too are clicking through the silver linings to stay upbeat and positive. Lucky for us, we’ve got a ton at our fingertips and ways to phone in the comedic relief. Add a little smokeable joy to the equation and you’re well on your way to a brain vacation.


Sit back and enjoy the mind melt on the ‘If You High’ Instagram where man collides with nature to create the holy grail of stoner content. Swipe left on What You Do After Smoking This to trip out on some weird and wild stoney slides. Staying sober? Our friends at Double Blind mag encourage ‘5 Ways To Trip Without Psychedelics.’ Embrace your inner darkness with The Last Podcast on the Left whose hosts even make a mockery out of Charles Manson. And head over to High Snobiety to see their list of far out flicks to go up in smoke.


We all love a good comedy club but for the time being, we’ll have to heckle from home. Dave Chapelle stands out as an Old Pal favorite as well as the timeless laugh factory of Tom Segura. Check out the gender-bending Hannah Gadsby who made her mark poking at sensitive issues in her 2018 opus, Nanette. And Marc Maron jokingly looks down his nose at doomsday scenarios—a theme we can all uncomfortably relate to.


We polled the Old Pal staff for a short list of high and mighty stoner films that stood the test of time. Truth is, there is far too much funny stuff to list and we’d be remiss if we didn’t link out to the raucous rabbit hole of Funny or Die (especially this one) and Adult Swim (all hail Tim & Eric). But when we want the kind of laughs that bend you over and make you dry your eyes, we have to lean on the classics. For us, Half Baked, Dazed and Confused, Friday and The Big Lebowski will always reign supreme for those blitzed out belly laughs.

The late Robin Williams once said, “Comedy is acting out optimism” and we hope this puts a positive spin on things.