Pride Sounds: Mandy Williams

IdealBlackFemale (Mandy Harris Williams) is a multidisciplinary artist and culture worker. She is from New York City and currently lives in Los Angeles. Her musical practice includes DJing, creative audio-textual landscape design, and singing/writing original electronic and R&B music. She has a monthly radio show, the #BrownUpYourFeed Radio Hour, on NTS. She has been featured in Dazed Magazine, Cultured magazine, NPR, and KCRW and is a frequent radio and podcast guest. She is a founder of Rave Reparations and Salon, two celebratory praxis based organizations in Los Angeles. She is a noted influential cultural popstar, recognized by the Dazed 100 List, Cultured Young Artist's List, and 2021's Huffington Post Culture Shifters List.
About the Playlist: "For me—and many with a similar dopamine response to mine—getting high is a sensual experience. I want utter smoothness to compliment a smooth smoke. I may get up and give a little shake and shimmy, or sink into a bean bag chair and vibe out to sumptuous pads and progressions. Here is a playlist for either option."