Puff Puff Paddle

Summer is in full swing and to celebrate, we just announced a three shape collaboration with our friends over at Album Surfboards to help you enjoy one of our favorite social distancing activities under the sun. For the ‘Stoned Totem’ top sheets, LAND, our design partner, experimented with cut paper art to replicate a kaleidoscopic effect resulting in a natural form that shows off a psychedelic interpretation of the sun and our seven-leafed friend. There’s no debating the connection between cannabis and surfing so we highlighted some related diversions and other aquatic areas of interest.


Surfing is diverse but a lot of its representation in popular culture looks pretty pale. This article on KCET not only examines how that happened when surfing started to become popular, but also offers up a perspective from a film called ‘White Wash’ that illuminates the history of Black surfers in a modern context. We’re also digging Textured Waves, an organization that highlights “women of all shades riding waves.” Their short film ‘Sea Us Now’ is an incredible deep dive into the world of African American surfing with an enlightening discussion by action sports legend, Selema Masekela.


The act of surfing is pretty trippy in and of itself; in fact, it’s a direct connection to one of earth’s purest sources. When you catch a wave, water doesn’t actually move but acts as a vehicle for wind energy. For centuries, surfers have harnessed this through various iterations of watercraft. Some of the most creative lines are drawn with alternative shapes seen in films like ‘Expencive Porno Movie’ and ‘Free Jazz Vein’. Mind ride between flat spells with those and an Old Pal joint from the comfort of your couch or stream others from this salty selection.


Surf music is unmistakingly unique and the sport birthed a whole new music genre over a half century ago. While The Trashmen’s ‘Surfin Bird’ is now seen as a cheeky nod to the high coiffed haircut era of the 60s and a wedding song even your grandma can cut a rug to, surfing has since inspired a number of bands to chill or thrash to in celebration of wave riding. Old Pal faves, The Allah Las fuel our stoke as well as the sounds of pro rider, Alex Knost. Slide over to Last FM to discover more bands who jam out in honor of being a slave to soup.

If nature is the best medicine then a little sun on your face and sand between your toes will help your vibe ride high. Just remember to consume and distance responsibly.