Responsible Recreation

The sun hasn’t set on summer yet and with longer days, there’s never been a better time to be high outside. In fact, ganja and granola go great together; just have a look at the classic Stone Masters—the hippies, dirt bags and darlings who bagged our nation’s greatest peaks probably with a head full of sativa. Or how about the surfers who lived an endless summer fueled by a beachy tradition of consumption sustained by sharing that experience. The list is endless as cannabis touches all adrenaline junkies ranging from snowboarders to river rats.

While we can’t condone consumption before climbing a crag or sliding some waves at your favorite point break, we feel it’s important to share some perspectives on responsible recreation as the cannabis conversation evolves. That includes benefits like using herb to recover after a workout or the growing benefits of THCV combined with runner’s high. As more states become legal and the regulations change, we’re learning a lot and hope you are too so we can all enjoy this beautiful planet together under the influence of nugs and nature. 

Pack It In, Pack It Out

We still trip on having to justify responsible consumption of a naturally occurring plant; however, following the rules leads to wider acceptance of chiefing weed. Remember, it’s still federally illegal and that means sparking up on national lands is still a no-go. In fact, for a lot of places pot is put in the same camp as cigarettes and probably for good reason. With growing wildfire threats, errant flames are making our favorite places go up in smoke and the last thing you want to do is be the reason the forest is ablaze. However, channels like Hipcamp list private outdoor properties where indulgence is allowed but it’s always best to check with your state regs before lighting up.

If you’re lucky enough to make your way to a legal outdoor experience, always remember to leave no trace and it’s a great feeling when you leave nature better than you found it. When you’re packing a bowl, associate that with another responsible maxim: ‘Pack it in, pack it out.’ The pandemic and modern technology has made getting away easier than ever which means you’ll probably be sharing a “secret spot” with a few other people. It’s a kind gesture to not only stash your trash in a backpack but also pick up after anyone who might not follow this practice. After all, we’re in this together so a little help goes a long way to lessen the impact.

Put A Pin In It

It’s obvious that Covid put a lot of people outside with surges in surfing and cycling seeing record numbers as those sports grew in popularity. With new technologies tracking towards transparent access, this also meant campgrounds became overcrowded and TikTok trends moved to a lot of sacred spaces. As a result, geotagging has become a hot button issue and polarizing for a lot of people who view it as gatekeeping the outdoors which everyone should have access to. 

Here’s our take on the issue: For many, nature is healing and the outdoors represents some respite from busy everyday life. If you’ve enjoyed your favorite fishing spot, soak in a spring or a far out swimming hole in relative secrecy, you’ve probably noticed how easy others can now find those too. Every inch of the world is digitally mapped and anyone with a mobile device can access a long list of apps to pinpoint even the most remote sandy shore on a distant river. Often, these places cross with private property so if your Hipcamp location lets you enjoy a solo sunset puffing a joint out of the back of your van maybe choose to be present at that moment. However, if you’re the social type, have a think before you drop a pin because that spot might not be so peaceful when you next try and visit.

DJ Peacefully

A big part of enjoying nature is to listen to its symphony. So should you bring the beats on the trail or stash the speaker in the tent? We know a lot of you ask yourselves the same question; in fact, from our experience we’ve seen sideways looks more often when a group of hikers pull up on others blasting Katy Perry through a Bluetooth speaker. No shade for the pop genre and honestly, it could be anything, but we’ve noticed that unless someone is expecting to kick out the jams they’re probably not going to be cool with the tunes you’re feeling at the hot springs or anywhere outside for that matter.

However, there’s a loophole here and something we actually endorse. As more and more people discover public lands, dry lake beds, boulder zones, sandy desert washes and lazy rivers, so has the opportunity to privately enjoy these spots with some amplified sound that doesn’t carry beyond your camp vibes. Be mindful of any neighbors but if no one is around feel free enjoy a little full-moon dance party!