Roll Your Own Face Mask

In these uncertain times, we want to make sure all our pals are safe and healthy. We created this handy guide to show you how easy it is to craft a DIY mask out of your favorite Old Pal bandana. Not only will it help protect you, but it’s also an excellent way to share positive vibes. You can think of it as your new stoner shield — just don’t forget to wash it after each use.

Here’s what you’ll need to get started:
  • Old Pal Bandana
  • 2 large hair ties (or rubber bands or elastic bands)

STEP 1: 
Lay your bandana face down. (hair ties on the side)

STEP 2: 
Fold the top down to the center.

STEP 3: 
Fold the bottom up to the center.

STEP 4: 
Flip the bandana over and fold the top to the center.

STEP 5: 
Fold the bottom to the center.

STEP 6: 
Put hair ties on both sides of the bandana.

STEP 7: 
Fold the sides of bandana over the bands to the center. This is the part that covers your mouth.

STEP 8: 
Wrap hair ties around ears. Roll out responsibly!


Remember that your DIY mask helps ensure our healthcare workers continue to get access to the medical-grade face masks they need. Have fun, pass this along to one of your buds, and let’s all keep spreading the stoke in these weird times.