Shredding Borders with GRLSWIRL

There's something magical about sliding sideways on four wheels. It's a freeing sensation filled with creativity, expression, and individuality. Best of all, the act of skateboarding knows no boundaries, openly inviting all genders, races, and social classes to climb aboard and roll into a brave new world filled with fun and inclusivity.

Thankfully, there's crews like GRLSWIRL who continue to kick and push the evolution of women in skateboarding, progressing the sport with a unique sisterhood that's filled with endless smiles and stoke. Founded in 2018, GRLSWIRL is a grassroots, all-female skate community that's helping women conquer fears, learn a new sport, and break down the gender barriers that sadly still exist in the skate world. And they're having a damn good time doing it!

We recently teamed up with GRLSWIRL for an amazing trip to Tijuana, Mexico, where refugee camps, shelters, and elementary schools were visited all with the goal of teaching local young women how to skate and empowering them with the confidence to roll like total badasses. As part of our Legalize Humanity campaign, we gave the gang a handful of t-shirts to help spread our message of love and inclusivity, showing everyone that humanity (and skating) has no borders or bounds.


In the end, the short trip was a total success.

The local girls quickly found themselves rolling with style and embracing each other in the sisterhood of skate. There were hugs, high fives, and smiles for days, as an army of incredible young ladies have now found themselves on the wheels of a skating revolution.


Make sure to check out GRLSWIRL to meet the team and see how you can get involved. And don't forget to buy your own Old Pal Legalize Humanity tee and
show everyone your passion for people and planet.