The Chill Spot Vol I

Welcome to The Chill Spot, an Old Pal playlist series curated on Spotify. You can anticipate a short and sweet collection of songs that you can listen to in under an hour. Perfect for a break *wink* or a quick walk *wink wink*. 

No genre, all range. From SZA to Timber Timbre – volume I is as eclectic as what has to be thousands of strains (if not genetically, at least by name) that exist out there. We also included our friends Brandon Hoogenboom, who’s album drops February 10th. As well as the super chill dudes from Beach Weather, with their freshly baked, all too relatable music video

Sharing with our pals is our whole thing! Naturally, we like to tap-in our friends for these – both to feature or curate. So if you’re a musician, or crate-digger be sure to reach out to us on Instagram or email us at with “Spotify” in the subject line. 

Go on, catch some excellent vibes: 


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