Peace. Love. Equality.

We at Old Pal believe that little actions can create big change in the cannabis industry and beyond. In a time where division abounds, we created Legalize Humanity as a way to give back to the community and celebrate the collective identity that unites everyone: we are all human.

As a brand for the people, we believe in the fight for equitable and humanitarian treatment for all. While we are fortunate enough to enjoy the benefits of legalized cannabis, we also know that there’s still much work to be done to undo the effects of the War on Drugs and the disproportionate punishment of Black, Brown, and Indigenous communities.

Legalize Humanity is how we show our support to this ongoing mission, through donations, participation in social justice events, and sharing powerful stories from different perspectives on all our platforms. It’s also a way for us to call attention to environmental justice issues, continually working to reduce waste, lighten our footprint, and make sustainable products available to everyone.

When you purchase something from our Legalize Humanity Collection, you help support and aid our fight for a more humanitarian world community that’s dedicated to racial, social, gender and environmental equality.

How It Helps
We give 100% of the profits from the Legalize Humanity Collection to nonprofits working towards a more equitable future for all.

Our current beneficiary is National Expungement Week — a series of events put on by Cage-Free Repair, who works toward an equitable, just, and reparative cannabis industry.

N.E.W. efforts build up to a week of awareness and action with coordinated relief clinics, discussions and healing sessions aiming to provide access to relief, equity and opportunity in communities historically and presently affected by the War on Drugs.

Past Beneficiaries

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