Legalize Humanity

Old Pal is a celebration of the beautiful differences that make us all unique. But the core experience of being human is the bond that we all share. It is our human values of compassion and the desire for harmony that strengthens that connection and helps build community, a distinction that we sometimes take for granted. Our goal is to help people realize the power we all have, to create real change for people, communities and the environment in which we live — moving forward with hope, trust and love.

Old Pal has been and always will be a brand for the people. We believe in the power of community and bringing people together to share experiences, stories and knowledge without bias or prejudice. And we also believe in the equitable and humanitarian treatment for all. 

Old Pal is committed to doing what we can to fight for a more equitable future. As part of Old Pal’s ongoing efforts to actively help empower the most vulnerable among us, 100% of our Legalize Humanity profits starting June 2020 will support an organization within the cannabis space that works to correct the widespread systemic harms resulted from the the war on drugs. Announcement of the organization to come, as we're still vetting potential partners. If you know of an organization doing good work in the space, please email us at

Together, in solidarity for a better future. 



Previous beneficiaries include:
The Border Network for Human Rights
Feeding America

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