Opening Night: Legalize Humanity Art Exhibition

Art has a way of uniting people through shared aesthetics and that common thread can bond entire communities. So it’s no wonder we chose art as the most authentic way to launch our Legalize Humanity platform to hang on the walls of Shepard Fairey’s iconic Subliminal Projects gallery in Los Angeles, CA. After all, the seminal artist has been creating work for over two decades with movements as his main motifs that trumpet the voices of the marginalized and less fortunate. 

For this exhibition, a long list of painters, photographers and collage artists came together to show off explosive psychedelic hues, large-scale fictitious figures, idyllic terra ferma and a host of other subjects intended for an insatiable gaze. Equally as special was the level of support that the creative community showed for their kin as they descended in droves for a tribal celebration bound by creative expression of all kinds and music that made you move. 

Art world denizens weren’t the only beneficiaries of the exhibition, as a portion of sales were allocated to RAICES, the Refugee and Immigrant Center for Education and Legal Services. It takes an army to equalize injustice and we couldn’t be more proud of our partners and everyone who came out to support our leap into Legalize Humanity. 

Contributing artists included Buckley, Camilla Engstrom, Chad Kouri, Ed Templeton, Ernesto Yerena Montejano, Evan Hecox, Hilda Palafox (aka Poni), LAND, Matt McCormick, Paul Windle, Petecia Le Fawnhawk, Shepard Fairey, Sofia Enriquez, Sterling Bartlett, Swoon, and Tim Biskup. There's still time to snag some rad art for your home — check out all the work from the exhibition here.